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Mengenal jenis-jenis kamera shoting

Beberapa diantara kita mungkin terbiasa mengoperasikan satu atau dua jenis kamera., sementara diluar sana masih terdapat puluhan jenis kamera,  dengan berbagai merk, varian dan spesifikasinya. Untuk mengetahui semuanya tentunya membutuhkan usaha yang lumayan berat:-(, oleh sebab itu kita bisa memulainya dengan mengelompokkan kamera-kamera tersebut ;
Berdasarkan tujuan penggunaannya, kamera dapat di kelompokkan dalam;
  1. Kamera Film
  2. Kamera Broadcasting
  3. Kamera news
  4. Kamera dokumentasi dan hobi
Cirinya : Compact, mobile, dengan body yang kecil dan ringan. Menonjolkan pegangan handheld pada bodynya, biasanya display utama menggunakan LCD lipat disamping.
Kamera dibuat oleh berbagai macam manufacturer , tersedia dalam berbagai model dan varian. Merk-merk kamera yang populer antara lain;
  1. Sony
  2. Panasonic
  3. JVC
  4. Samsung
  5. Ikegami
  6. Philip
Berdasarkan media penyimpanan gambarnya, kamera dapat dibagi menjadi
  1. Kamera pita 8 milimeter, menggunakan pita 8 mm, Video 8, Hi8, Digital8
  2. Kamera pita Beta, menggunakan kaset Beta, Betamax, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital Betacam
  3. Kamera VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, D-VHS
  4. Kamera DV, meliputi kamera  DV, mini DV, DVCAM,DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD, HDV
  5. DVD, kamera yang menggunakan media penyinpanan DVD, Blu Ray, HD-DVD, HD-VMD, CD-DVD
  6. Kamera film 35 mm
  7. Dll
Berdasarkan kategori penggunanya, kamera dapat dibagi menjadi 3 kategori, yaitu;
1. ENG ( Electronic News Gathering)
Kamera yang digunakan untuk meliput peristiwa atau kejadian yang tidak direncanakan, seperti meliput berita, kegiatan outdoor, dsb.
Ciri utama dari kamera jenis ini adalah modelnya yang portable-mudah dibawa kemana mana-, dilengkapai dengan shake reduction/vibration reduction, serta dilengkapi dengan baterai dengan daya tahan yang lama.
2. EFP (electronic Field Production)
Kamera EFP adalah kamera yang digunakan untuk memproduksi materi audio visual non berita. Kamera ini biasanya digunakan untuk produksi drama, film, sinetron, program non drama dan lain lain. Ciri ciri kamera ini adalah dilengkapi dengan berbagai aksesoris, seperti tripod, crane atau jimmy jib,zoom servo, dan sebagainya.
3. Kamera Studio
Kamera studio adalah kamera yang dipakai di dalam studio shoting. Cirinya adalah ukurannya yang besar dan berat-agar gambar yang dihasilkan stabil dan halus. Kamera seperti ini biasanya dilengkapi dengan zoom servo(alat remote untuk menggerakkan lensa zoom), pedestal, viewfinder dan intercom yang memungkinkan PD(program Director) untuk men-direct kameraman


Audio and video mixer

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Deejaysystem Video VJ2 is a multi-screen player for movies, music video clips, karaoke and audio files. It's able to play two videos in DJ style and perform live audio and video mixing.

Deejaysystem Video VJ2 is the best choice for pubs, clubs, discos, and any other place with public TV screens.
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Latest version is 3.3.0 / 2008.10.03
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  • Ease of use. Simple and intuitive design.
  • Dual audio/video/karaoke playback in two independent decks.
  • Frame-exact audio and video synchronization.
  • Audio/video mixing (crossfader) with 6 different video mixing effects.
  • Dual video output system. The mixed output is projected full-screen to output devices (TV, projector, etc.) while maintaining preview interface on your PC monitor.
  • Support for up to 2 live cameras (USB, 1394...) simultaneously with the dual video playback.
  • Customizable background and logo (overlay).
  • Text ticker features: scrolling tape, static text.
  • Multiple screens are supported, with no limit.
  • Ability for choosing the screen for full-screen video output.
  • Ability for opening multiple Deejaysystem VJ2 instances and work together, either sharing screens or using different screens for full-screen video output. Each instance can manage two audio/video files and two live cameras.
  • Can be used with an external video mixer.
  • Live recording. You can lively record the mixed output onto DVD, VCR or HD recorder by using the secondary video output of your PC.
  • Aspect-ratio applied on video playback according to screen's dimensions.
  • Dual audio outputs for using an external audio mixer.
  • Built-in emulated audio mixer with full PFL capabilities.
  • Precise playback control: play, pause, position, speed (pitch), pitch bend.
  • Precise video positioning frame-by-frame, forward and backward.
  • Controlable with keyboard, joystick, and the most popular hardware controllers: Hercules DJ Console, Visiosonic DAC-2/DAC-3, Behringer BCD-2000. Fully customizable.
  • Playlist editor with auto-mix and auto-fade capability, seamlessly mixing audio, video and karaoke files.
  • Song database with search function.
  • Up to 10 CUE points per track.
  • Compatible with any third-party music organizer software (iTunes, MP3 Collector...).
  • DRM-Enabled for Windows Media files.
Automatic playback features (AutoPlay):
  • Automatic mix with smart song selection that avoids repeating tracks (shufflemode)
  • Mix Now! function for mixing current track with next one at any time.
  • Fully customizable auto mix volumes (fade-infade-out).
  • Set can be adjusted and changed on-the-fly, i.e. answering to people's requests.
  • Automatic resolution of any unexpected situation like read errors or corrupt files ("show must go on" policy).
Supported formats & devices:
  • Audio: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA-DRM, WAV, audio CDs (CDA), MOD music (XM, S3M...)
  • Video: MPEG, MPEG-2, MP4, AVI, DivX, XVid, DVDs (unencrypted VOB files), WMV/ASF, WMV-DRM, DVR-MS, VCD, Quicktime, FLV (YouTube, Google...), DVR-MS (recorded in Media Center), 3GP, Real Media, ...
  • Karaoke: MP3+G, CD+G, BIN, LRC, ZIP-compressed MP3+G. Requires the free codec Karaoke for DirectX 3.0 Beta 3.
  • Output video devices: secondary DVI/VGA output, composite video, S-Video.
  • Input video devices: Firewire/1394, USB webcam, PCI TV/Video capture cards.
  • Control devices: Hercules DJ (all models), Visiosonic DAC-2 / DAC-3, Numark DMC-1, Behringer BCD-2000.

    More audio formats can be supported with BASS add-ons. Plugins for FLAC, AAC and AC3 are available among many others.

    Any other video format is supported (a matching codec must be present). We recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack Deejaysystem Edition to ensure full video performance and compatibility.
System requirements:
  • Windows 2k/XP/2003/Vista/Seven/7.
  • 3D-capable display adapter with DirectX 9-compliant drivers and secondary output (DVI/VGA/TV).
  • 2 Ghz or higher CPU.
    CPU usage depends on format and resolution of the video files.
  • 1Gb RAM.
  • (recommended) Secondary screen (monitor, TV, projector...) for full-screen video output.
  • (recommended) Two soundcards or multi-output soundcard compatible with KX-Drivers (
  • (optional) Codecs for the audio/video formats that will be played. We recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack Deejaysystem Edition to ensure full video performance and compatibility.

What's new in version 3.3.0:

  • BUGFIX: At last, the rare video lag problem that happened in some systems has been completely erradicated. God, this one has been really hard to find!
  • Video playback is now fully compatible with Vista's Aero theme.
  • Video playback now requiress less than 64Mb of display memory. Now it's possible to open multiple VJ2 instances and have them playing full-quality video without worrying about display memory.
  • Improved overall video playback performance.
What's new in version 3.2.0:
  • NEW VIDEO PLAYBACK ENGINE! Core components have been completely re-designed and re-implemented, providing unparallel performance, compatibility and reliability even over previous versions of Deejaysystem VJ2.
  • Full High Definition (HD) videos are supported and can be played using really low CPU resources even in dual-screen setup.
  • Live internet video streams (mms://) are supported as Background and/or Logo. Up to 2 internet streams can be played simultaneously.
  • New, exclusive VLOCK™ Timming Technology!Timming is now dinamically locked to the display device's video refresh signal (VSYNC). VLOCK™ also detects FPS drops and automatically switches between VLOCK-mode and normal timming mode (not VSYNC-based) when necessary.
  • Ultra-smooth text ticker, now locked to screen's refresh via VLOCK™.
  • F11 key now shows/hides useful information on-screen: FPS, frame timming, refresh rate and VLOCK™ state (shows VLOCK when it's active).
  • New option at Settings > Video: Use compatible video surfaces (slower). May fix playback problems in certain display drivers.Mejorado el rendimiento al decodificar video en CPUs multi-nĂșcleo.
  • Video rendering now uses triple-buffering for better performance.
  • Improved loading times.
  • Full Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Jog-wheel controls now accept the Invert Axis option.
  • Many fixes and improvements.
Release notes
  • Can be installed over a previous version (3.x).
  • Paid version users: works with your current activation key (even with 2.x keys)
  • WMA playback requires Windows Media Player version 9 or higher to be installed, or install the Windows Media Format redistributable package (seedownload section)
  • External controllers (Hercules DJ, DAC-2...) work with slight differences from their original functions. See the program's help (F1) for more information.
  saat ini kami menggunakan deejaysystem sebagai play off harian